Zenith 6 - Zenith 7
Designer F. Valbonesi

Indoor and outdoor recessed fitting Recessed ceiling floodlight
Two sizes:
O 96 mm (Zenith 6),
O 126 mm (Zenith 7)
Technical characteristics
  • Motivatings force of implantation in aluminum
  • Body in aluminum fusion
  • Reflector in aluminum
  • Diffuser in glass slowly moderated, satinato and serigrafato of 6 thickness milimeter
  • Closing with frame in anodized aluminium
  • Metric Pressacavo M16 x 1,5 for cable from O5mm to O10mm (Zenith 6), pressacavo metric M20 x 1,5 for cable from O8mm to O13mm (Zenith 7)
  • Excluded remote local p0wer source 12/24V
  • Hole proceeds 80 O milimeter (Zenith 6), 100 O milimeter (Zenith 7)
Metalized gray
Suitable for
Indoor and outdoor use on public and private buildings
Led lamps (0.5W) in white, red, green, amber, blue or Super Led (1W) included

Technical Specifications