Zenith 48 - Zenith 48T
Designer F. Valbonesi

Recessed fitting for indoor and outdoor drive-over surfaces
Recessed wall/ground light with recessed housing box and remote transformer (Zenith 48),
with recessed housing box and incorporated transformer (Zenith 48T)
Technical characteristics
  • Nylon fibreglass housing box suitable for recessing
  • Cast aluminium body
  • Aluminium reflector
  • Tempered, satin flat glass diffuser (10 mm thickness)
  • Stainless steel 18/8 frame
  • Stainless steel fixing screws
  • Metrical cord block in nickeled brass 20x1,5 m
  • Built-in electronic transformer 12V (Zenith 48T)
  • Remote transformer 12/24V (Zenith 48) not included
  • Remote ballast for Led lamps 20W/10V (Code CS 140000) not included
  • Remote ballast for Super Led lamps 20W/24V (Code CS130000) not included
Suitable for
Walk-over and drive-over surfaces, public and private gardens
Led lamps (0.5W) in white, red, green, amber, blue or Super Led (1W) included
   Zenith 48T  
Zenith 48  

Technical Specifications