Zenith 1 - Zenith 2
Designer F. Valbonesi

Recessed lighting fitting for indoor (not open cast) and outdoor walk-over surfaces
Recessed wall/ground light
Two sizes:
o 96 mm (Zenith 1),
o 126 mm (Zenith 2)
Technical characteristics
  • Cast aluminium body suitable for recessing
  • Aluminium reflector
  • Satin, printed and tempered flat glass diffuser (6 mm thickness)
  • 18/8 stainless steel frame
  • TSEI stainless steel fixing screws
  • Protective gasket PG9 (Zenith 1), PG11 (Zenith 2) for corrugated gasket
  • Remote ballast for Led lamps 15W/10V (Code CS 140000) not included
  • Remote ballast for Super Led lamps 20W/24V (Code CS130000) not included
  • Remote transformer12/24V not included (Zenith 1 and Zenith 2)
  • Box for remote transformer (Code CL150400)
Suitable for
Public and private buildings indoor or sheltered outdoor (not open cast)
Led lamps (0.5W) in white, red, green, amber, blue or Super Led (1W) included