Designer L. Mondardini

Protect inner and external apparatus to proceeds applique for
Applique to proceeds wall available with frame (intra C), open grill (intra GA), grill sluice (intra GC)
Technical characteristics
  • Controcassa in tecnopolimero pressofuso to wall
  • Body in reinforced tecnopolimero
  • Endowed body of pressacavo metric M20x1,5 for cable from 8 O milimeter to 13 O milimeter
  • Diffuser in inner prismatizzato transparent polycarbonate
  • Frame in reinforced tecnopolimero
  • Open grill or sluice in reinforced tecnopolimero
  • Closing with viteria in stainless steel
White, Black, Grey
Suitable for
Passage areas, inside and protect outside of public and private buildings

Technical Specifications