Ginevra system 1/2
Designer L. Mondardini

Outdoor lighting fitting
Poles complete with brackets for buried mounting on plinth
GINEVRA SYSTEM 1: Downlight mounting 1 - 2 Lights
Poles with flange complete with brackets for floor fixing
GINEVRA SYSTEM 2: Downlight mounting 1 - 2 Lights
Optional threading hole and 4 X 6 Class II terminal block (Code 1440.100N)
Technical characteristics
  • Hot galvanised steel square flange side 200mm, complete with set screws
  • Hot galvanised steel pole O 76 mm, slot for cables and grounding.
  • Hot galvanised steel pastoral bracket, 1 light O 40 mm, 2 lights O 28 mm
  • Thermoplastic connector O 60 mm
Suitable for
Pedestrian areas, alleys, parking places, service areas, public and private gardens

Technical Specifications