Spica 1 - Spica 2 - Spica 3
Designer F. Valbonesi / D. Chilo

Outdoor lighting fitting
Diffused light lighting fitting with a die-cast body that can be recessed directly into concrete or installed with a recessed housing box (CL160400).
Cylindrical diffuser complete with 3M microprismatic film (OLF) and a conical extractor that transforms the vertical light stream into diffused light (SPICA 1).
Version with circular container for white gravel (SPICA 2).
Version with covering stainless steel ring for floor mounting (SPICA 3).
Technical characteristics
  • Aluminium body for recessing
  • Clear polycarbonate cylinder covered with microprismatic film
  • White thermoplastic conical deflector
  • TSEI stainless steel fixing screws
  • Grenn thermoplastic, circular container and white gravel (Spica 2)
  • Stainless steel covering ring (Spica 3)
Suitable for
Pedestrian areas, walkways, private gardens
23W Genura lamp included

Technical Specifications