Designer STUDIO DA2

Apparatuses for esterni
Colonnina from complete residential outside of base for installation on plinto/pavimento
Sistema of lighting system to light directed, with sail reflector on aste
Technical characteristics
  • Body in anodized aluminium to square section, painted
  • Base in reinforced tecnopolimero painted
  • Advanced end ring in reinforced tecnopolimero painted
  • Diffuser in glass moderated slowly
  • Inner reflector in anodized aluminium
  • External reflector in framed reflecting anodized aluminium with polyurethane
  • Inner optical group to held IP
  • Installation facilitated from one morsettiera placed in the base
  • Possibility of I as an example use of several types of lamp to commercial powerattack E27 (HAOPAR    20, FBT or IAA)
  • Viteria in stainless steel
    Colonnina pulling gray metallizzato
    Sail and gray anthracite
    Suitable for
    Pedestrian distances, vialetti and zones verdi
    Caratteristiche peculiari
    Colonnina to indirect lighting system through sail reflector in aluminum and poliuretano simplified
    Installazione thanks to it I use of one morsettiera present IP68 in the basamento
    utilizzo of valuable materials, like aluminum and vetro
    possibilita of being able to use varies types of lamp to tension of rete
    The reflecting parabola is the residential point of force of qyuesta colonnina for garden and exteriors. Constructed in framed aluminum anodizzatio and with polyurethane, it can assume always various and colorful shapes. At the same time, it guarantees the maximum emergency, also in case of accidental collision. Aprova of child.