Lamppost for I use to wall, on pole 60 O milimeter through accessory (1461.000N) or on pole picture the 60 minimal side milimeter
Technical characteristics
  • Stirrup in rinforato tecnopolimero for implantation
  • Body Carter in reinforced tecnopolimero
  • Body to frame in autoestinguente polycarbonate V2
  • Baffle plate in autoestinguente polycarbonate V2 white man (version in clesse 2)
  • Baffle plate in aluminum
  • Prismatizzato acrylic diffuser in transparent
  • Viteria in steel uinox
Black, metalized gray
Suitable for
Pedestrian distances, vialetti and zones greens private
Comet adapter (1461.000N) for assembly to palo  O 60 mm
Caratteristiche peculiari
Apparatus poured them, for several types of installation (wall, pole, etc)
high Degree of protection (IP65)
Apparatus in compliance with norms UNI 10819E against the luminous pollution