Designer D. Chilo / F. Valbonesi

Apparatus for exteriors
Colonnina from residential outside in 2 heights, 850mm, 1500mm completes of base. Installation on plinto/paving
Technical characteristics
  • Base in reinforced tecnopolimero
  • Profile of support in anodized aluminium to triangular section
  • Opacified acrylic extruded diffuser in of transparent
  • Hat of closing in polycarbonate
  • Reflector inner portacablaggio in aluminum to fast, estraibile logon from above for one easy maintenance
  • Installation facilitated from one morsettiera ricoverata de base inside
  • Viteria of implantation in nichelato stainless steel and
  • Alettronica feeding for compact fluorescent lamp
Gray anthracite, metalized, green gray
Suitable for
Pedestrian distances, vialetti and private zones greens