Kappadue wall
Designer Stefano Bottari

Applique to wall-washer to single circular design with or double diffuser for directed, indirect lighting system or both, to LED of color white man or RGB or version with halogen lamp
Technical characteristics
  • Support in aluminum pressofuso polished effect inox
  • Body in aluminum pressofuso polished effect inox
  • DDiffusore in moderated glass serigrafato
  • Wall-Washer installation mono- emission (cod. family 0150) or bi - emission (cod. family 0152)
  • Electrification optical mono-emission LED white man 3x1W 30, round serigrafia, cl 1, mains voltage
  • Electrification bi-emission LED white man 2x3x1W optical inferior 30, advanced round and optical serigrafia 10, with serigrafia to V, cl 3, tension 24V DC
  • Electrification optical mono-emission LED RGB 3x1W 30, round serigrafia, cl 3, feeding in current through controller RGB
  • Electrification mono-emission halogenates HALOPAR 16, GU10 max 50W, cl 1, mains voltage, round serigrafia
  • Electrification bi-emission halogenates HALOPIN G9 max 60W, cl 1, mains voltage, round serigrafia on both the faces
  • Viteria in accioaio inox
  • Version LED CW 5500K, WW 3300K
Polished Allumiinio to mirror effect inox
Suitable for
Zones of passage, corridors, scales, porticati inside and outside  
obbligatori Accessori for RGB:
Generatore DMX
Controller DMX
Kit logon cable

E' an illuminator to pole wall, adaptable also, for inner and external. Much compact one, realized an aluminum and glass, has one twofold function, aluminating and decorative. It emits light in two directions: over and under. Thanks to the technology led and the presence of control RGB, allow to change color and to create always new effects. Naturally, thanks to the used optical and the lowest richesta energy, allow to a highest luminous efficiency and an economy of unsurpassable exercise

Technical Specifications