Designer Diego Chilo - Fiorenzo Valbonesi

Shaving illuminator residential completes of base for installation on plinto/paving
Two various possibilities of conformation of the apparatus: lighting system to 360 (EOS-1) or 180 (EOS-2)
Technical characteristics
  • Base in reinforced tecnoolimero
  • Profile of support in anodized aluminium to triangular section
  • Acrylic diffuser in extruded of transparent, opacified and prismatizzato inside
  • Hat of closing in polycarbonate
  • Reflector inner portacablaggio in aluminum to fast, estraibile logon from above for easy maintenance (only EOS 2)
  • Installation facilitated from one morsettiera placed in the base
  • Feeding electronic
  • Viteria in nichelato stainless steel and
Gray anthracite and metalized gray
Suitable for
Pedestrian distances, vialetti and zones verdi
Caratteristiche peculiari

Installazione semplificata  thanks to it I use of one morsettiera IP68 in the basamento
Dimensioni extremely conpatte for the powers di  lamps utilizzate
Alimentazione electronic
Classe 2
Il base in tecnopolimero and the profile of support in aluminum guarantee an elevated protection to hit as an example to the base of the apparatus (deriving from blot some tagliaerba)  

Technical Specifications