Designer D. Chilo - Takahide Sano

Apparatus for exteriors
Lamppost for I use on pole 60 O milimeter
Technical characteristics
  • Base in reinforced tecnopolimero, black color
  • Cone in reinforced tecnopolimero, black color
  • Diffuser in acrylic white man opal
  • Possibility of I use of lamps to low consumption (FBT E27 - FSQ G24Q2)
  • Viteria in stainless steel
  • Feeding electronic 18W
Suitable for
Pedestrian distances, vialetti and zones
Caratteristiche greens private

Facilita of installation and maintenance, ordinary and straordinaria

With Nashi we want launch marks them important of renewal: we take part on our historical product - the Sphere - and the riattualizziamo, maintaining them the peculiarities intact: pulizia formal, semplicita of installation, flexibility of I use (street furniture or residential exteriors). The new shape - to - pear, of the type “Nashi”, exactly - it condenses in an essential sign and a beneaugurante name - our business philosophy, than tip to conjugate innovation and semplicita. One small, great revolution. “

Technical Specifications