Stud system

Light armor reflected with lamp recessa and not visible completes of pole for uses buried height total 5300mm  (Stud system  To).
For I use on pavamentazione pole with flange height total 4800mm (Stud System B)    
Technical characteristics
  • Square flange 250mm in galvanized steel to warmth with tirafondi
  • Palo 102 O milimeter to norms D.I.N in galvanized steel to warmth 75 micron (UNI 5745/75)
  • Buttonhole and morsettiera 4x16 mmq CLII with portafusibile and hatch of closing.
  • Carter doi cover base pole in tecnopolimero
  • Body in aluminum fusion
  • Reflector in aluminum 99,8 painted white man
  • Acrylic diffuser in transparent
  • Frangiluce sagomato in painted metal white man
  • Hat of closing in BMC
Gray antracite
Suitable for
Primary and secondary ways, pedestrian distances, ciclabili tracks, parkings zones private and public greens, piazze
At call morsettiera key hatch (art. 1440.000N)

Technical Specifications