Stud-EVO (Diffusore opalino)
Designer Pino Montalti

Apparecchi per esterni
Armatura per montaggio a testa palo O 60 mm, completa di portello portacablaggio  ispezinabile per facile manutenzione
Technical characteristics
  • Body in aluminum pressofuso
  • Hatch of closing in BMC with incorporated, connected wiring through sezionatore, for one easy styraordinaria and ordinary maintenance
  • Diffuser in acrylic opal
  • Hat of closing in BMC
  • Viteria in stainless steel
Gray anthracite
Suitable for
Primary and secondary ways, pedestrian distances, ciclabili tracks, parkings, zones private and public greens, public squares
E' the evolution of a product that was already present to catalogue. A apparechhio for realized street furniture in materials valuable and characterized from the high and the highest luminous efficiency, favorite degree of protection from the particular optical frangiluce. Realized in four varying, Stud, with its essential and refined elegance, is already a classic of the Mareco new

Technical Specifications