City light 2
Designer D. Bartolini

Apparatus for exteriors
Bell armors for pastorale pole or turned upside down arm O 60mm, reflector aluminum painted biancointernamente to gray anthracite externally, transparent and optical diffuser in acrylic asymmetric
Technical characteristics
  • Attack in aluminum fusion for support O 60mm, the maximum thickness 3mm
  • Implantation to three points with passing bolt of emergency (

    O 6mm)

  • Vain cap of cover wiring in BMC gray anthracite

  • Vain external portacablaggio alvano optical, posizionato in the advanced of apparatus and easy inspectable part

  • Slab portacablaggio in estraibile BMC through graft to slips to apparatus installed for one easy maintenance

  • Body to bell in painted aluminum white man inner and gray anthracite externally

  • Diffusotre in acrylic

  • Cut-Off optical in metalized BMC up empty

  • Effettuabile ordinary maintenance approaching the single optical space through the opening of 3 hinges and without attrzzi

  • Viteria of implantation in stainless steel

Suitable for
Secondary ways, pedestrian distances, ciclabili tracks, parkings, zones private and public greens, public squares