City light 1 system
Designer L. Mondardini

System for exteriors
System from outside for I use to wall 1 Light or 2 Lights (City Light 1 system 1), buried height 4500 total milimeter, 5600 milimeter and 6800 complete milimeter of pole and arms (City light 1 system 2), height 4000 total 5000 milimeter and milimeter with flange for I use on paving (City light 1 system 3). Suit of buttonhole passage cables, grounding and 16 morsettiera 4 x mmq Class II with poratafusibile and hatch of closing
Technical characteristics
  • Square flange 250 milimeter, in galvanized steel to warmth with tirafondi
  • Pole in steel 102 O milimeter to norms D.I.N galvanized to warmth 75 micron (UNI 5745/75) painted to furnace previo treatment of sgrassaggio
  • Connections of logon pole/arm/wall in fused aluminum near
  • Arms in galvanized steel to warmth 75 micron (UNI 5745/75) paints to furnace previo treatment to you of sgrassaggio
  • Viteria of implantation TSEI in stainless steel
  • Buttonhole and morsettiera 4x16 mmq Class II with portafusibile and hatch of closing
  • At call morsettiera key hatch (art. 1440.000N)
Suitable for
Main and minor roads, pedestrian areas, cycle paths, parking areas, public and private gardens, squares

Technical Specifications