Zenith 3 Led - Zenith 4 Led
Designer F. Valbonesi

Inner and external apparatuses to proceeds for, calpestabile
Faretto to proceeds pavement/wall in two dimensions: 96 O milimeter (zenith 1), 126 O milimeter (Zenith 2)
Technical characteristics
  • Body in aluminum fusion to wall
  • Diffuser in glass slowly moderated, etched and serigrafatio of 6 thickness milimeter
  • Frame in stainless steel 18/8
  • Closing with viteria TSEI in stainless steel
  • Metric Pressacavo M20x1,5 for cable from O 8mm to O 13mm
  • Excluded remote local p0wer source

Gray metallizzato
Suitable for
Zones of passage, scales, corridors, porticati inside and outside of buildings private and publics

Technical Specifications