Designer D. Maretti

Applique to universal LED to installation on scato it to civil proceeds to 3 modules. Possibility of two versions:
serie 1001 generale
serie apparatus of lighting system 1002 apparatus of lighting system with operation also in absence of commercial power (permanent lighting system h1)
Led of color white man, green, red and blu
Technical characteristics
  • Body in transparent polycarbonate autoestunguente V2
  • Template of cover polycarbonate color ivory, anthracite, metalized gray.
  • Installation on scato it to proceeds civil to 3 modules
  • Built-in local p0wer source 95-240 V 50-60Hz (cod. 1002)
  • Duration battery lighting system 1h. (sol cod. 1001)
  • Opening luminous bundle 30
  • Inclination luminous bundle 30
Ivory, gray anthracite, metalizzato gray At call availability of colorations RAL to choice.
Suitable for
Pubblic and private buildings indoor or sheltered outdoor. Particularly suitable as night signs
Our technical office is on hand in order to supply advising on specific progettuali requirements in order to obtain an optimal employment of the members of the system.

Technical Specifications