Designer D. Chilo / F. Valbonesi

Apparatus for inner and external
Decorative apparatus to LED for rests directed to appropriate land or through controcassa (CL160400) available in 3 heights, 480mm, 980mm. Cover of the base with metal ring in stainless steel.
Technical characteristics
  • Body in anodized aluminium for I use buried
  • Luminous auction in U.V anti opacified etched transparent polycarbonate O 56mm metric Pressacavo M20x1,5v for cable from O 8mm O 13mm.
  • Built-in local p0wer source 240V 50-60Hz Viteria of implantation TSEI in stainless steel.
  • Metal ring of cover in stainless steel
  • At call version in Low tension 24V 0-50Hz
verde brillante
Suitable for
Pedestrian distances, vialetti and private zones greens.

Technical Specifications