Grus RGB
Designer D. Chilo / F. Valbonesi

Apparatus for inner and external with color control Decorative apparatus for inner and external cper rests directed to land or through controcassa (CL 160400)
Technical characteristics
Body in anodized aluminium for I use buried Luminous Auctions in acrylic transparent satinato 20 O milimeter, height 850 milimeter, 1000 milimeter, 1150 milimeter with finishes cut them to 30 metric Pressacavo M20 x 1,5 for cable from 8 O milimeter to 13 O milimeter
Transparent satinato
Suitable for
Zones residential private greens In the event of connection one or two Grus RGB in series to use Controller DMX CS 180002 in the event of connection of three Grus RGB until a maximum of four using Controller DMX with shunt cod. art. CS 180006

Technical Specifications