Generatore DMX

Programmabile device in a position to controlling separately until 6 groups of comet RGB through I affixed CONTROLLER to you DMX.
Technical characteristics
Through the display alphanumeric interactive, the modality of manual operation can be chosen, can be chosen the preferred tonality of color, individually selecting the degree of luminous intensity of the 3 colors between 255 step (0 is equivalent to fixed light, 255 maximum frequency). In operation of program, they can select one of the 4 preset up programs or to pass to the programming modality, where the customer comes guided through simple menu to personalize the single programs. The generator thanks to a particular device of abolition of disturbs is in a position to communicating with CONTROLLER DMX until remarkable distance (approximately 500m)
In equipment: alimentatore with cable of connection of 2m uinseribile directly in one taken eurostandard to 2 poles