Car 1 Led
Designer F. Valbonesi

Apparatus to proceeds for carrabili exteriors
Faretto to proceeds pavement, carrabile, for rests directed in the concrete
Technical characteristics
  • Body and support in anodized aluminium fusion to wall
  • Diffuser in PMMA white man
  • Protecting cap in anodized aluminium grafite to high thickness
  • Closing with viteria TSEI in steel
  • Metric Pressacavo M20x1,5
  • Remote local p0wer source for lamps to Led 15W/10V (Code CS140000) excluded
  • Remote local p0wer source for lamps Super Led 20W/24V (Code CS130000) and 70W/24V (Code CS130008) excluded

Suitable for
Pedestrian and carrabili distances, areas greens