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Lira 140 Led Round

Designer : D. Bartolini
ac ac

Indoor and outdoor light fitting
Drive/walk-over recessed uplight with round ring, for wall/pavement mounting with recessed box or with locking mechanism for ceiling mounting

Stainless steel

Suitable for
Pedestrian areas, gardens, sheltered inside and outside of buildings, especially suitable for accent lighting

Special features
Suitable for open air use due to high protection rating (IP67)
Energy saving
Compact dimensions
Adjustable position
Range of optics
Recessed box closed above and below to facilitate concreting

Technical details-fitting
• Thermoplastic recessed box
• Anodized die-cast aluminium body
• Flat, clear tempered glass diffuser 8mm thickness
• Adjustable optic ±15° (GU10 version only)
• AISI 316L stainless steel ring
• Drive-over 2500Kg at max. 20Km/h
• Stainless steel screws

Technical details monochromatic Led
• 1 monochromatic Led module 8.7W SEOUL 4000K neutral white (NW) 800 lm, or 3000K warm white (WW) 800 lm. DIRECT SUPPLY TENSION 220-240V 50/60Hz
• 1 monochromatic Led 9.3W CREE  4000K neutral white (NW) 666 lm, or 3000K warm white (WW) 618 lm with beam optics 20°, 40°, 80°x20° ,supplied in 700mA
• Fitting designed for Led lamp PAR16 GU10 lamp holder supply tension 220-240V 50-60Hz
• Cable 3x1mmq H07RN-F (0,4mt) lamp PAR16

• Electronic driver 700mA 33W (Cod. CS160020)
• IP68 connector (Cod. CS093000)
• "T"-3 way IP68 connector (Cod. CS093001)

Compulsory accessory for pavement mounting
• Thermoplastic recessed box o144x100mm (Cod. 7000.0004)

Compulsory accessory for false ceiling mounting
• Locking mechanism (Cod. 4000.000W)

DimensionsLamp typeILCOSPowerLamp holderColour*CodeNote
O140x122mmGU10 Stainless steel4140181W1w/o lamp
O140x122mmLED warm whiteLED8,7W Stainless steel4140191W1wide beam optics - supply tension 230V
O140x122mmLED natural whiteLED8,7W Stainless steel4140192W1wide beam optics - supply tension 230V
O140x122mmLED natural whiteLED9,3W Stainless steel4140482W1
O140x122mmLED warm whiteLED9,3W Stainless steel4140484W1
O140x122mmLED natural whiteLED9,3W Stainless steel4140582W1
O140x122mmLED warm whiteLED9,3W Stainless steel4140584W1
O140x122mmLED natural whiteLED9,3W Stainless steel4140682W1
O140x122mmLED warm whiteLED9,3W Stainless steel4140684W1
image image image image image image image image image IP67