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Intra Rámik / otvorená/ zatvorená mriežka

Designer : L. Mondardini
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Indoor and outdoor light fitting
Wall-recessed light fitting with open grid (Intra GA)


Suitable for
Passage areas, stairs, corridors, inside and protected outside of public and private buildings

Special features
High protection rating (IP55)

Technical details
• Reinforced thermoplastic recessed box
• Reinforced thermoplastic body
• Coated metal reflector
• Transparent prismatic polycarbonate diffuser
• Reinforced thermoplastic frame
• Metric cord block M20 x 1,5 for O 8 mm to O 13 mm cable
• Stainless steel screws
• Lamp included (FBT version)

 Compulsory accessory
• Recessed box 105x240x80mm (Cod. 7000.0000)

S rámikomLamp typeILCOSPowerLamp holderColour*Code
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 White1005101B1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 Grey1005101M1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 Black1005101N1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 White1005110B1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 Grey1005110M1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 Black1005110N1
Otvorená mriežkaLamp typeILCOSPowerLamp holderColour*Code
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 White1006101B1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 Grey1006101M1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 Black1006101N1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 White1006110B1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 Grey1006110M1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 Black1006110N1
Zatvorená mriežkaLamp typeILCOSPowerLamp holderColour*Code
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 White1007101B1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 Grey1007101M1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFBT8W E14 Black1007101N1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 White1007110B1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 Grey1007110M1
106x243x87mmFluorescentFSQ18W G24d2 Black1007110N1
image image image image image IP55