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Pouličné - Parkové

Astra Circo Flat Diffuser

Designer : P. Torcolacci

Outdoor light fitting
Cut-off light fitting for pole top O 60 mm pole




Suitable for
Main and secondary roads, cycle paths,
pedestrian areas, parking areas,
public and private gardens, squares


Special features
Tool-free simplified maintenance for accessing optics
Strong lighting efficiency

Symmetrical optics for lighting on the four sides, perfect for lighting of parking areas
Asymmetrical optics for lateral and front lighting
Cut out system when opening the light fitting, through disconnecting switch
Conforms to regional laws against light pollution


Technical details

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel tripod (UNI EN 1461) complete with die cast aluminium O 60 mm connector
  • Die cast aluminium frame
  • Reinforced thermoplastic body with hinged opening
  • Vacuum cast metallic thermoplastic optics
  • Transparent flat tempered glass diffuser
  • Stainless steel screws
DimensionsLamp typeILCOSPowerLamp holderColour*CodeNote
o 530x273mmFluorescentFBT33W E27 Anthracite1850101M1Lamp max o80xL210mm
o 530x273mmMetallic halideMT-ME70W E40 Anthracite1850151M1
o 530x273mmHigh Pressure SodiumSE70W E27 Anthracite1850152M1
o 530x273mmHigh Pressure SodiumST-SE70W E27 Anthracite1850153M1
o 530x273mmSodium - Met. HalideST-SE-MT-ME100W E40 Anthracite1850154M1
o 530x273mmMetallic halideME100W E27 Anthracite1850160M1
image image image image image image image image IP65